Mayor Mason Shares Improvements to City’s Most Accident-Prone Intersections

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DOWNTOWN ZANESVILLE, Ohio- If you’re a motorist in Zanesville, you may have noticed a bit more confusion and frustration on the roadways maneuvering and adapting to the ever changing conditions and detours during the Interstate 70 construction.  

The construction on I-70 and heavy traffic in Zanesville has made Zanesville a headache to drive through. Some areas are particularly prone to accidents and some ideas to fix them are being discussed.

“We really have too many accidents in terms of trying to move people safely. A couple of intersections have come under review. One is Military that goes into North Pointe. So you’re talking about on the northern northwestern portion of the city and frankly its moving traffic that is not really city of Zanesville drivers. (edit) We are looking at the possibility of a traffic light at Military and North Pointe. I’m very concerned that the accidents that do happen there tend to be very serious,” Don Mason, Mayor of Zanesville stated.

The second area of concern which has laid host to many accidents is the intersection of Maple Avenue and Brandywine Boulevard.

“The intersection at Brandywine and Maple; the problem is going south on Maple, there’s not a protected left turn lane. The Brandywine traffic, I think both east and west, a lot of people don’t pay attention to which lanes are straight and which lanes are say ‘right turn only’. And so therefore, we’ve had some incidents there,” Mayor Mason said.

The intersection of Brandywine and Maple has arrows freshly painted to show motorists the right flow of traffic. The mayor also wanted to encourage people to be patient with the city and ODOT as changes to our roadways are being made. 

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