Mayor Don Mason Met With County Commissioners About Increase Housing

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Zanesville Mayor Don Mason met with County Officials earlier this week to discuss efforts to provide more housing development within the city.

They talked about possible proposals to increase housing on all income levels.

“I’m very pleased that the Commissioners are looking at using the land bank to remodel and rehab, it’s called the Munson School,” Mayor Mason said. “We’re working with other property owners on other properties in the city and even though 20 units here and 20 units there might not seem like a lot, when you’re about 500 short in terms of housing, we can do two to three small deals like this to show that it can be successful. That will help us attract other developers in the area building”

All income levels like Section 8, subsidies and market base housing are needed, says Mayor Mason.

He also briefed the County Commissioners on how the city is doing with income tax collection.

“So far things have come in consistently again until the end of the year when you start getting tax refund requests. It’s hard to always know, but so far the economy is strong. Sales tax is up across the county, even though we don’t collect it, that’s good, that means people have a belief that the local economy is going strong,” Mayor Mason stated.

He added that going through the regional level for income tax has been efficient for tax payers and is easier to collect and redistribute that way.

However, decisions and proposals are still in the works for the increase in housing development,

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