Drug Take Back Event Held at the Zanesvillle-Muskingum County Health Department

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Muskingum County, Ohio- The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department hosted a twice a year drive-through event that accepted unused or expired medicines that residents no longer needed or just had laying around.

This past April the Health Department counted a total of 240 cars that dropped off medication, which is the most amount of cars to ever participate in the event. Steve Carrel, Former Member of Muskingum Behavioral Health talks about the purpose of Drug Take Back Day.

“The idea behind the Drug Take Back Day is to get controlled substances out of people’s homes, like the Percocet, the oxycodone’s, some people have Morphine, who are extremely ill and as well as needles off the street to here, and then we process them and they either go through the DEA to be burned or they go to Genesis, they take care of the sharps and dispose of them there,” Carrel said. “Northside Pharmacy takes care of some of the older kinds of medicines or some of the other stuff. It’s just to get all of this out of people’s medicine cabinets.“

Carrel explains what was accepted and what is not normally accepted at the drive-through medicine drop off.

“At the health department site, we pretty much accept anything except illegal drugs. We’ll take pills, we’ll take liquids, we’ll take sharps, needles, diabetic supplies, we take it. The reason we do that is, one, we want that out of people’s homes and two, we don’t want people to think ‘well, do I take this or not?’ and then they’ll end up keeping something that could be either dangerous or could be sold on the street. So we take pretty much anything that’s in the medicine cabinet here,” Carrel said.

Drug Take Back Day lessens children’s access and it also helps with the environment by bringing them to an environment friendly department.

Carrel stated that another Drug Take Back Day will be held next April. For any more information please call 740-454-9741 or visit at www.zmchd.org

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