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Updated on Saturday, October 23rd 2021 at 3:30 PM EDT

Sunday: Cloudy with rain likely and a storm possible in the afternoon. High of 64°.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with rain expected. High of 66°.

Tuesday: Partly sunny with a high of 55°.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny with a high of 60°.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with rain possible. High of 60°.

Friday: Mostly cloudy with rain expected and a high of 58°.

Saturday: Partly sunny with rain possible. High of 52°.


This week sunny skies and dry conditions will be in shorter supply. 

A low developing over the central United States will develop early week next week and bring a steady stream of rain through the area.

Things dry out midweek as drier air settles into place but then another low will develop over the central United States and bring steady rain along with it.

With each passage of the cold fronts, temperatures will only drop slightly but steadily erode at our warmth. 

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