Pot Pie Dinner at Old Nicol’s Restaurant on Election Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Foodworks Alliance will be having a ‘Dine Out for a Cause Pot Pie Dinner at the Old Nicol’s Restaurant in support of their program.

The event will be on November 2nd from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. Adrian Offenberger, Company Coordinator for Foodworks Alliance and Sweet Life Baking shared why they wanted to have the fundraiser around election time.

“We wanted to do something really unique. Something that still showcased our local clients and what we do here at Foodworks Alliance… We thought that on election day, everybody is kind of already up in arms about what’s going on, they’ve got to get their votes in, they’ve got other things that are going on.” Offenberger said. “It’s a busy day so we want to definitely make sure that everybody has the convenience to be able to pick up a nice home-style, home-made meal and be able to go home and have supper and not have to worry about everything else.”

The tickets are now on sale for $10. Each meal includes a personal chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, a roll and a sugar cookie from Sweet Life Baking, according to Offenberger.

“All you have to do is order online either with our QR code or the link on the flyer and send your money via Paypal or check or cash and make sure you pre pay so that way we have the cash in advance to do the fundraiser.” Offenberger said.

The fundraiser will be a drive through event so residents are able to come pick up their dinner. 

The Foodworks Alliance is also having another fundraiser this Wednesday in collaboration with Chipotle where 33 percent of sales are donated to the cause. For more information on both fundraisers, please visit their website at foodworksalliance.com

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