Zane State College Unveils New Sign in Appreciation for Partnership with Park National Bank

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Today, Zane State College took the initiative to host an official welcome for the Park National Bank through an appreciation event that included a sign change reveal to their Welcome Center and Student Lounge.

In 2018 Zane State College and Park National Bank first partnered together through their Education in Action program. Since then, they have created other efficient programs, events, and jobs for students, according to Doctor Chad Brown, Zane State College President

“We’ve had an informal relationship for a number of years through the fact that we have graduates who’ve hired our graduates as associates, we’ve had participation in a number of our events from Park National Bank. The former President of Park National Bank served on our Board of Trustees so we’ve had a long term relationship. It’s been a great partnership,” Dr. Brown said.

Park National Bank has employed almost 15 percent of graduates from Zane State.

Pat Nash, President of Park National Bank East Division shared his thoughts on the appreciation and how he is honored to be recognized.

“We’ve been partners for years. This is a great honor and an extension of our partnership. The product obviously with the students graduating and the product that comes out of Zane State has been phenomenal and we want that to continue. We’re hiring and we need more Zane State graduates, so we’re very pleased,” Nash said.

When asked what is planned next within the partnership, both Dr. Brown and Nash added that they plan to continue to support each other through education, job offers, events and much more.

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