O-DOT: I-70 Reconstruction Project in Zanesville to Start Phase 1 Soon


MUSINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The Zanesville Noon Rotary Club held a meeting today and one of the discussions was about the six year interstate-70 project.

The project is a part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) that also covers the current Gaysport Bridge replacement. Michelle Sidwell, the Project Engineer for the 70 project gave an update on the re construction of the interstate and what residents can expect.

“We’re going to be switching into phase one configuration later this month. That will be switching traffic two lanes to the outside, we’ll maintain two lanes of traffic at all times during the day,” Sidwell said. “Most likely we’ll be closing a lane at night, but that won’t impact any of the day traffic. The Underwood on and off ramp should be open within a month or so. We’re getting close to those, we’re going to be pouring concrete tomorrow.”

The project is broken into four phases. Sidwell said that phase one, two and three will take a couple of years and phase four is the paving. 

“Phase one is shifting traffic to the outside. We’re going to be doing all of the work in the median, all the bridges, all the asphalt, everything gets redone. Phase two shifts traffic to the west bound lanes and we’re constructing the eastbound lanes of traffic on all the bridges and asphalt there and then phase three we’ll switch to the east bound and construct the west bound lanes and then phase four is paving,” Sidwell stated.

Sidwell added that they will be using cement stabilization to strengthen the subgrade and says that they will be doing demos this winter so the cold weather won’t affect the time frame of the project.

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