Operation Spirit 4 Troops Garage Sale Underway To Benefit Troops Overseas with Christmas Care Packages

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Operation Spirit 4 Troops Garage Sale is underway at 3290 Bowers Lane off of West Military this weekend.

The garage sale is to raise funds to create care packages for the American troops deployed around the world. She uses the funds to buy a variety of things from candy, to hot cocoa mix, to toiletries like razors or tooth brushes.

“If you want to count EBAY and cash donations and this, probably, this year will probably be a little bit more. I think last year we did about $23,000 somewhere in there for the whole year,” Melodie Pittman, director for Operation Spirit 4 Troops stated.

While raising almost a quarter of a hundred thousand dollars is respectable, shipping care packages to troops globally is no cheap practice.

“I try to pace it out, but that’s why we do EBAY all year round too to help. Because I have rent too that I have to pay, so like September through November, we spent $1,700 on shipping of that just for that. And then you know the supplies,” Pittman said.

Pittman says she coupons as much as she can to keep supply costs down especially as shipping costs are set to rise October 3rd. The garage sale will end tomorrow afternoon and anyone who would like to donate either supplies, money, or merchandise to sell next year can contact her personally. You can also head to the Operation Spirit 4 Troops Facebook page to access a link to donate via Paypal.

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