Battle Between Philo and West M

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It’s bound to be a battle between two Muskingum Valley League teams with identical records come Friday night.

The Philo Electrics are making the trip to West Muskingum in a big school-small school crossover match.

Both teams are 4-1 this season. Both coaches describe their opponents as well-coached, disciplined and hard working.

Philo’s allowed just two touchdowns in the last 3 games, showing off their strong defensive play.

“We really don’t do anything special. We also try and put the ownership of what happens on the field back to our kids, mainly our seniors/upperclassmen. So, if good things are happening out there it’s certainly not because we’re trying to be too elaborate with our scheme or do anything that no one else is doing,” explained Philo Head Coach Dirk Lincicome. “We rely on a lot of accountability on our kids to make plays.”

Lincicome said that West Muskingum didn’t get their record by accident, citing the strong play by their line and by quarterback Harley Hopkins.

Hopkins broke Austin Brock’s career passing record of 4,194 yards when he threw for more than 200 against New Lexington.

“He’s a very mature kid. He and I sat down after the season last year and kind of outlined the possibilities of this year and he’s a kid who kind of realized back in November of his junior year that he had one last shot,” said West Muskingum Head Coach Nate Brownrigg.

West Muskingum will take that shot on Friday night. The game between Philo and West can be heard on WHIZ Z92.

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