Zanesville School Board Issues Statement on Contract Impasse with ZEA

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The Zanesville City School District Board of Education has been negotiating with the Zanesville Education Association for a new contract since May 7. The Board and the Union have met more than 10 times since then and have made significant progress. On Friday, September 10, the Zanesville Education Association released a statement regarding bargaining containing blatant falsehoods. The Board asked the Union to correct its misstatements and the Union has refused, despite agreeing with the Board’s account of where these issues stand.

In its September 10 statement, ZEA claimed the District is “insist[ing] that ZEA members endure massive cuts in health benefits.” In reality, the District has not proposed any plan design changes for the ZEA health plan. Perhaps more importantly, in its last package proposal, the District accepted the ZEA’s health care contribution proposal. For the Union to now claim the District is insisting on cuts to benefits is incomprehensible and a great disservice to our teachers and community.

The Board has offered ZEA a competitive salary package, well above the state and area averages, and accepted the Union’s last proposal on benefits. We are scheduled to mediate again at the end of this week, and we ask the ZEA team to come to mediation in good faith and work with the Board to resolve the few remaining issues in this negotiation.

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