The CARR Center Program Seeks Members and Participants

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The CARR Center has open positions at the center and is looking for more participants for their Special Rider’s Program that will continue until October 4th.

Becky Clawson, the Executive Director at the CARR Center said Special Rider’s is a therapeutic program for individuals with developmental disabilities in the community.

“We go out each Monday night…We’re looking to provide an experience for those with developmental disabilities to ride a horse every week, they play some games, we do some stretches,” Clawson stated. “It’s really entertaining and fun for them and we have a ton of volunteers who come, and help with it.”

Clawson added that they’re also looking for people to fill the driver positions for their transportation program and a teacher for the toddler program at the center.

“It’s a wonderful program. We set the schedule around you so you tell me when you can work and that’s when we schedule you…We also have an opening position in our toddler program. I’m looking for an individual to come in and be our teacher two days a week, Monday and Wednesday from about 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.,” Clawson said. “This person would need a two year child development degree or three years experience in a child care center or preschool.”

Additionally, the participant of the Special Rider’s Program can be any individual in the community who has a developmental disability. 
If you are interested in volunteering or want more information about the positions at CARR Center please reach out at, (740) 453-5417 or check the website at

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