Mayor Mason Provides more information on Speed Humps in the City

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- After a study was done and a meeting was finalized in 2020, Mayor Don Mason and the city council decided speed humps would be a benefit for the city of Zanesville. 

Mayor Mason said after a study was done it was determined that speed humps showed a statistical success with motorists slowing down.

Mayor Mason persuades motorists to follow a designated route and not use residential areas and side streets as bypasses. 

“In 2019 a study was done in June and November that identified that with speed humps in the zone that was being studied, speeds dropped from upper 70’s, 60’s and 50’s in a 25 mile per hour zone, down into 30’s and 40’s,” Zanesville Mayor Don Mason said. The only thing that was identified, because this was a residential district, was that people started going other routes and traffic dropped off.”

Speed humps can’t be placed on every street. Mayor Mason said they are placed in school zones, places where children are expected and residential districts that are used as bypass streets. 

“The Zanesville Police Department has shared some information with me. They believe the amount of accidents are dropping on a daily basis. That would lead one to believe that vehicles are slowing down and we’re having fewer ACD’s, assured clear distances. Therefore, it appears there is some success,” Mason said.

Mayor Mason reminds everyone to follow the speed limit and also be cautious on the interstate as the I-70 project is in progress.

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