Local Mom and Daughter Raising Awareness on Childhood Cancer

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Living by the motto, “educate and advocate to eradicate,” Carmen Boyd is doing just that when it comes to cancer education along with her daughter, Brinley Boyd, who was diagnosed with pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia back in 2015.  

Today the mother and daughter duo received a proclamation by the County Commissioners that acknowledged September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Muskingum County.  

Boyd shared that she’s very blessed to be receiving the proclamation and it’s so important that not only the County is educated on Childhood Cancer, but feels the world should be more aware also.

“For every dollar that is donated or given for research, only 4 cents of that is set aside for childhood cancer because it’s considered rare and it’s not rare,” Boyd said. “The number of kids that get cancer may be rare, but at any given time at Nationwide Children’s they have a 50 bid unit and it can be full and overflow into other units so it’s important to me that they even acknowledge Childhood Cancer Month.”

Brinley is preparing for the upcoming Chalk on the Walk event on September 26th and she gave some insight on what theme she might choose for her design.

“Probably any type of Disney…Marvel, I don’t know, My Little Pony,” Brinley said.

Carmen stated that she would like childhood cancer to be a thing of the past, but understands that this changes your whole perspective on life and she takes nothing for granted.

The County Commissioner’s office is planning to present a yellow light in a few weeks over the Courthouse Building in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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