Local Woman Files Petition for Zanesville City School Board

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- A local Zanesville woman has filed her petition to run for the Zanesville City School Board. 

Janet Johnson Long said she is a big advocate for children as well as those who advocate for children. She decided to run for this position as it would be a perfect fit for her. She is involved with several outreach programs including Forever Dads and the Anti Human Trafficking Coalition in Zanesville. 

“I want to deal with the youth. I want to support the parents, teachers, staff and administration. I look at the board like a team. Not everyone is going to agree with each other, however I believe everyone should have the luxury of being seen and being heard,” candidate Janet Johnson Long said.

Long added that everyone is involved with raising children in the community. She said it’s important that children receive a great education. She added there are other barriers in the community for kids; drug addiction, poverty and human trafficking. 

‘It’s about prevention.’ 

“We just need to encourage generation after generation to be better than the generation before and I think that education is one huge part of that,” Long said.

The Board of Election members will certify all valid petitions on August 16.

If you are wanting a complete list of candidates that have filed for the November 2 general election, you can view the Muskingum County Board of Elections website.

Under the tab- Candidates Issues and FWAB

Select- Candidate filing information

All Officials

Display Officials

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