At Least Three Tornadoes Confirmed in Ohio

Local News

At least three tornadoes have been confirmed in Ohio from Thursday’s thunderstorms. 

The National Weather Service office in Wilmington, OH has confirmed that a brief, EF0 tornado touched down near New Holland, OH on Thursday. 

The tornado touched down at around 5:20 PM EDT near Dick Road near a farm. The tornado crossed the road and moved over the farm, causing minor damage to a single story residence, and destroying a large outbuilding. The tornado then moved towards Mouser Road where it destroyed two barns. 

The tornado then lifted before it reached US-22 at approximately 5:22 PM EDT. 

The estimated winds of the tornado were 85 mph – which makes it a strong EF0 tornado. 

The National Weather Service office in Charleston, WV has also confirmed that a very brief EF0 tornado touched down in Washington County, OH near the town of Macksburg, OH.

The tornado touched down at 5:16 PM EDT from a thunderstorm which had already been producing at least 1.0 inch diameter hail in Caldwell, OH. This same storm had passed just north of downtown Zanesville 30 minutes earlier. Damage was observed at the intersection of Highland Ridge Road and Cats Creek Road near Interstate 77. A few trees were blown over and uprooted, marking the only visible signs that a tornado was present aside from a brief video. 

The tornado lifted a minute later, after traveling 450 feet. No injuries were reported. 

The estimated winds of the tornado were 75 mph – which makes it an EF0 tornado. 

The National Weather Service office in Pittsburgh, PA has released some information in regards to the Jefferson and Harrison County tornadoes, including EF2 damage near New Athens, OH. More details on these tornadoes will be given later this evening. 

Tornado are rated on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale into six categories from 0 to 5. Damage is used to estimate the speeds of the winds, with EF0 being the weakest, and EF5 being the strongest. 

Additional tornados also occurred in Indiana and in western Pennsylvania. 

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