Former NBA star, Kevin Martin hosts his Summer Camp for last time

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Kevin Martin basketball summer camp is going onto its 13th summer; despite the camp continuing on into the future, this year’s camp is a bit bittersweet.

Management of the basketball summer camp will be transitioning to the coach of the Zanesville High School boys’ basketball team -Cedric Harris, meaning this is Kevin Martin’s last summer running his summer camp. He started the camp to support the community after getting drafted in the NBA back in 2004. 

“It was a humbling experience for me. Because I think how fast my camp filled up just shows how the community supported me since day one. You know, ever since I got drafted in the NBA in 2004, so its just always been a humbling experience for me and I’m just thankful for everybody’s support and just looking forward to more and bigger things in the future,” Kevin Martin, former NBA star stated.

After the years of seeing players develop and grow, Kevin Martin reflected on the work he’s done and what it meant for him. 

“It was always the kids, that was always my favorite part. Them after a long year of school coming into my camp June and July and just the spirit they have has given me that energy going into the NBA season. Just that excitement, just seeing them interact with each other and knowing when I reported back to training camp it was more than just a job for me. I knew I had to put this city on my back,” Martin said.

Coach Cedric Harris, who is taking charge of camp, has already been working with Kevin Martin for many years and will be able to continue Martin’s legacy. You can register to be on the waitlist for next summer’s basketball camp on their website

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