Mayor Mason Meets With Director of Ohio Development Services Agency to Clean Up Debris on Linden Avenue

Local News

City of Zanesville Mayor Don Mason met with the Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency to discuss what can be done to clean up “brownfields” in the area.

Brownfields refer to any previously developed land that are not currently being used and have a high potential for contamination. The first targeted area for cleanup is going to be on Linden Avenue.

“It’s important to explain to people in Columbus and then have them come and physically see what we’re putting up with. To say it’s an old, abandoned site doesn’t carry the message. To say that people improperly demolished a building, still again, doesn’t carry the message. So, when we were working with the Ohio EPA, and we still are, they came to site several times to take a look at the actual debris,” said Mason.

Mason added that there has been enough strategizing done to figure out how the plan should move forward that they can now attempt to see where possible financing for the project could come from.

“Now we’re at that phase where we can actually hold our hat out and pan handle for state or federal money because we actually have construction costs. A lot of times, people try to approach the state and feds and say we’ve got a problem. Come help us. And the right way, I’ve learned this, I’ve been in government for 40 years, the right way of doing it is try to come up with a plan. That way you can speak with certainty as to what you have and what you think the cost will be,” Mason added.

The current estimated date for the targeted area on Linden Avenue set to be cleaned up is Labor Day.

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