Commissioners Receive Update on State Grant Application to Build New Jail

Local News

The Muskingum County Commissioner’s Office met today to discuss the status of a state grant application that could potentially help fund a new jail.

The county is applying for funding through Ohio Senate Bill 310 which was introduced back in March, The due date for the application is June 30th. There are many different aspects of the application that need to be decided on before it can be submitted.

One of the specific topics that was discussed was how many beds the potential new facility would have. Directly tied to that, there was the question of the square footage of the facility. There were some quantified amounts offered up for each, but the estimated cost for the proposed numbers was higher than some on the Board of Commissoner’s deemed realistic.

Another issue that was raised was the percentage of funding that would be appropriate to request from the state. An official from the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office brought attention to the fact that there are regular requests from surrounding counties to house inmates that they themselves do not have the space for. This is especially common with female inmates. In essence, the extra money spent on the extra space could accommodate these needs.

The Board of Commissioner’s scheduled another meeting next week to get the next update on the application.

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