Local Couple Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

Local News

An area couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary today.

Don and Rosalie Snider were married back on June 16th, 1951. They met at a wedding belling through mutual friends. They had eight children together, four boys and four girls. Rosalie admits that life has changed a lot over their seven decades together.

“Well before it was very busy because we had eight children and we was on the run. But right now it’s very quiet because we live here and we don’t have a lot to do now,” Rosalie said.

Don was the Superintendent of the New Lexington Cemetery for many years and also gave his time as a volunteer firefighter. When asked what was one of her favorite things about her husband, Rosalie gave a simple answer with possibly some insight as to how they have stayed together so long.

“He’s just very quiet and just does about whatever I want,” Rosalie admitted.

And when asked what advice she would give for anyone getting married today, she again gave a short and and sweet answer, “Love one another.”

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