Rushing Wind Biker Church Holds Bikerfest Weekend

Local News

The Rushing Wind Biker Church held their 19th annual, three day Bikerfest Weekend.

Biker aficionados came from all over to participate in the event that was filled with food, music, and of course bike riding.

“We usual draw around a 1000 people here at Bikerfest Weekend. Friday of course we got a little bit of rain, but we had a great turn out all three days. We were able to minister and be ministered to. We did take special rides to Cambridge, once again, to bless those that are in the assisted living. It was awesome being in the parking lot and praying with them all. So Bikerfest Weekend has been very successful for 19 years, including this weekend. It’s been awesome,” Pastor Mike McGuire said.

Some may think of the biker stereotypes portrayed in movies when they hear about an event like this. But there is another side to many of the participants that is rarely shown.

“They have big hearts. They give, especially for children. I haven’t met anyone, outlaws, “one percenters,” call ’em what you want. Christian motorcycle groups, riding clubs, social clubs; they all have a thing for children….I think we still get a bad wrap but they don’t care. I mean it’s a lifestyle for some, others….ya know, I have a professional job. I work. We all have a love of being in the wind and being on these steel horses. But we want to give back. I can take it one step further and say rather than give back, we want to pay it forward,” added the President of the Columbus Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Allen “Stampede” Carter.

McGuire added that he hopes to expand where the riders visit and the number of participants in coming years.

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