Olde Village Meats Serves Customers at Muskingum County Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market

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The Muskingum County Fairgrounds farmer’s market was open for business yesterday.

One of the attractions of the farmer’s market at the Fairgrounds is that there is a variety of items sold. The various vendors sell produce, meat, cheeses, spices, and crafts among other things. One of these vendors, Olde Village Meats based out of Frazeysburg, was there with lots of different products to offer the customers.

“We’re mostly a customer slaughterhouse. If you’ve got a beef, or a hog, or a sheep you want butchered, you can call us up. We book it and we process it for you…Probably the biggest sellers that we have is our trail bologna, summer sausages, our hot trail bolognas. We’ve made several different varieties of bratwurst. This one here is a Honey Sriracha bratwurst. They’re a new product this year. We got maybe 8 different varieties of bratwurst,” owner of the company Jeff Smith said.

Smith added there were a few things about the setting at this location that has kept him coming back for over 40 years to sell his products.

“They split this farmers market. Some of it’s up on Maple Avenue and that kind of hurt the market. But we got a nice building. We’re in out of the rain. You don’t have to work on the streets where at my other farmers markets, you’re working on the street and its pretty tough to work out on the street. We got the refrigerated cases and everything so everything’s kept cool,” Smith added.

You can visit Olde Village Meats at their locations in Reynoldsburg, Pataskala, and Granville or online at www.oldevillagemeats.com.

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