Muskingum Valley Park District to Place Levy on November Ballot

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The Muskingum Valley Park District had their monthly board meeting to discuss upcoming projects and to vote on initiating the process of placing a .2 mill levy on the ballot in November.

The Board Commissioners voted unanimously to place the property tax levy on the ballot. The revenue would go to cover things such as the funding deficit resulting from expiring private grants and upkeep of already existing facilities.

“Most recently we’ve been operating through grants from a local foundation. Those grants are getting ready to expire. So it puts us in kind of a bad situation because we’re not going to have operating funds next year. So the Park Board did decide at last nights meeting to put a .2 mill levy on the ballot. It’s a two step process. The first will be to
have the auditor for the county certify, one, that we don’t have any operating funds, two, what would be necessary for us to continue operations…. put another resolution in that actually has the ballot language,” Edgington said.

He also added the revenue would not only ensure that the organization would stay in business, but would fund new projects that the residents of the community had communicated they felt they would benefit from.

“That $14.00 a year that an owner of a $100,000 home would be contributing in taxes can be used to create new parks. It will also be used to extend the existing bike trails and put in new bike trails. It will be used to do special events like concerts, art shows, and things of that sort. These are all things that when we did our statistically valid survey, the community said that they wanted, ” Edgington said.

Edgington also added the organization is looking to partner with private and public organizations in the future to invest in the community.

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