Muskingum University to Provide Free Textbooks to Undergraduate Students

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Starting this fall semester, Muskingum University will be providing all undergraduate students required textbooks and course materials free through the start of the first day complete program.

Participation in the program will be part of the students’ tuition. The University is the first institution in Ohio to offer the program at no extra cost to students.

“So they will have already received an email, when they’re registered, their books are being ordered, and a package is being created for them. Then they decide whether or not they want it shipped to their home or whether they come to the bookstore and pick it up. They can pick it up some amount of days before class, I should have asked Carrie before we started all this, or if it’s shipped to them. It will get shipped to them well in advance of class so they’ll have it ready when they go to class first day,” said Vice President for Finance and Operations Phil Laube.

Laube emphasized that this would come at no additional cost to the students and did not raise tuition. Restructuring in the already existing budget was done to make room for the new program.

“We made it a priority as we built our budget for the year. We did not change our tuition prices as a result of this program. We just built it in. We know that it’s a really important part of success. It has always been a goal of Muskingum, a very focused goal, to improve students success, for the University, and this was a great way to do it. “

Laube added that the faculty were not required to change any of their teaching methods or content, and there were no additional requirements to be eligible for the program.

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