City of Zanesville provides Trash and Recycling Totes to Community Members

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Zanesville residents have the opportunity to pick up new trash and recycling totes for free.

A 64-gallon and two 96-gallon trash totes are available to city sanitation customers, which were purchased by the city of Zanesville in 2019. Black-lidded bins are designated for trash and blue-lidded bins are for recyclable items.

“A lot of people still put trash out in plastic or weak boxes and animals get into them and basically you have a lot of litter in the streets… But the idea is to get the garbage off the streets, get them in containers where we can easily use our vehicles to manipulate them and take your trash away,” Zanesville Mayor Don Mason said.

Mayor Mason said the recycling bins are more convenient rather than utilizing large cardboard boxes and bags. He encourages the community and residents to keep the streets clean and to be aware of what individuals are putting in their recycle bin, as some things aren’t recyclable.

“They need to be really jugs, plastic bottles, so these are going to have the recycling code one or two on them, newspapers, shredded papers, corrugated boxes, any time of metal can.”

“What people need to stay away from are things like styrofoam or polystyrene, those are not recyclable,” Mason said.

Customers can receive a free garbage or recycling tote by visiting the City of Zanesville website or by calling one of two numbers:



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