New Kiosk allows Citizens to pay Utility Bills Conveniently

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Starting Monday, citizens of Zanesville can pay their utility bills using a new kiosk. 

A kiosk was placed across from the Secrest Auditorium on Shinnick Street. You can bring your bill and scan it or you can provide your account number, phone number and name. The kiosk accepts credit cards and cash but does not give change back. If you deposit more money than the bill, the additional funds will be credited towards your next bill.

“Ultimately, we want to use this to pay any city permit fees, fines, speeding tickets and things of that nature. For right now, you can pay your entire utilities bill here…A lot of times you’re not available 8-5 so to speak during business hours to pay with the city, so this way you can come here on your own time and pay your bill,” Mayor Don Mason said.

This project began last summer and was purchased with the funds from the CARES Act.

“It gives them 24 hour access to be able to pay their water bill online. No congestion, they don’t have to wait in line. It just gives them an opportunity to be here and do it whenever it’s convenient for them,” IT Specialist Lisa Hittle said.

Mayor Mason said they plan to have more kiosks, but wants to wait to determine that after this kiosk has been used. A toll free number is located on the kiosk for those who have any issues or need help.

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