Nurse Gives Birth To Baby Carrying COVID Antibodies

Local News

ABERDEEN, South Dakota-Jennifer Stearns is a nurse located in South Dakota and now mother to four young children. 

Stearns was in the middle of her fourth pregnancy when her turn to receive the new COVID vaccine came along. She wrestled with the idea of putting something new in her body at such a crucial moment. 

“I’m the kind of person that when I found out I was pregnant I stopped drinking all caffeine, I followed all the rules, I didn’t take any medications. I don’t like to put anything extra inside my body so the thought of taking this thing that’s brand new and doesn’t have a whole lot of research behind it on the impacts of pregnancy, it was definitely a little bit nerve wracking.”, Stearns told WHIZ.

On March 9th Jennifer gave birth to a  healthy boy that she named Stanley. She came to find out that Stanley was born with COVID antibodies which makes him temporarily immune to the virus. 

“Really my thought process around getting the vaccine was trying to keep myself healthy for me and him while I was pregnant and knowing that those risks are so much higher when you are pregnant. It wasn’t until a couple weeks before he was born that my mindset kinda shifted to ‘I wonder if he’ll be born with antibodies?’”, Stearns continued.

Stanley tested positive for antibodies and is well and with his family. Jennifer’s mother Julie is a regional nurse for Primrose Retirement Centers, which has a facility in Zanesville. 

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