ZMHA Receives More Than $430,000 in Grants

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The Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority has been awarded more than $430,000 in federal grant funding.

For the first time, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded ZMHA a $250,000 emergency safety and security grant.

“We’re going to do security upgrades in lighting, video and most particularly at Maple Terrace Hi-Rise with state-of-the-art door systems and monitoring up there as well,” said Steven Randles, Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority executive director.

The housing authority has applied for this grant multiple times in the past without success, however it was able to secure the funding this year with the help of U.S. Congressman Troy Balderson.

“It’s important that we do that and we just want to make sure that everyone utilizes our office and that’s what we’re there to do and it’s beneficial for communities that we represent that we’re able to do this and having a relationship and living here in Zanesville, Ohio it’s even more of an impact for me,” said Congressman Balderson.

The ZMHA was also re-awarded a $180,682 Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Grant which they have received for the last 20 years. The funding is used for job training, continuing education, and work preparedness to help residents obtain self-sufficiency.

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