ZAAP Gallery Restarts First Fridays

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The ZAAP gallery is holding its first First Friday since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The gallery had suspended all activity as a safety measure against the virus. The gallery did a soft reopen in March and is anxious to fully restore activity. 

“The ZAAP Gallery is open for First Fridays for the first time since last year, and we have lots of art from lots of art from lots of our members. We are also featuring new art cards, art books for sale, and new postcards. We are just ready for people to come and see.”, gallery manager RoseMary Ludt told WHIZ.

The gallery features many pieces of art ranging from paintings to photographs. There may also be a few galleries open at the Masonic Temple in Zanesville. 

“There’s usually live music at some of the galleries. There’s sometimes food, depending on what is safe to do because of COVID, and of course, art.”, Ludt said of what to expect.

The First Friday festivities take place from five to eight pm.