Highway Patrol Recounts St. Patties Day

Local News

ZANESVILLE, OhioThe Ohio State Highway Patrol cracked down on drunk driving this past Wednesday in response to the st. Patrick’s Day Holiday. 

The Zanesville post had troopers working overtime to ensure safety in the area. Trooper Brice Nihiser was pleased to report a successful weekend. 

“Over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday the highway patrol provisionally sawe zero fatalities across the state. This is down from last year, obviously, we had a couple last year, and this year we did not have any… Compared to last year OVI arrests were up. This is probably due to things opening up a little bit more, people were more comfortable with going out.”, Nihiser said.

Across the state of Ohio one OVI fatalities occurred on March 17th in 2020 and three occurred in 2019. Nihiser credits troopers across the state for their efforts. 

“As always troopers are going to be out making sure that everyone is safe, making sure everyone is driving sober, that’s going to be our main focus on holidays where alcohol consumption is high and we just wanna make sure that everyone’s safe.”, Nihiser continued.

Nihiser reminds motorists to drive without impairment or distraction.