Eastside Community Remembers Longtime Volunteer

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Dorothy “Dottie” Briggs was a longtime volunteer and friend of Eastside Community Ministry in Zanesville before her death last week on March 10th. 

Dorothy was involved in the ministry along with her husband William a former director who has also passed on. Her friend and longtime student Suzanne Ray reflects on all Dottie did for the ministry. 

”She became involved and she started an Each One, Teach One program, which she eventually took to the Zanesville City Schools, and she was there for about fifteen years with the Each One, Teach One. The many things that she started . they’ve continued. sometimes when people start things they kind of fade away, but many things she started have continued.”, Ray told reporters.

Ray and Briggs were friends for forty years before Brigg’s passing. Ray will always remember her friend’s selfless nature that she shared with the people around her. 

“Bill and Dottie started housekeeping here on Dresden Road, and they felt that at one time that they needed to be with the people that they were serving. They moved over here on Sharon Avenue so they could be with the people because those are the ones that tend to use Eastside and so they gave up that life there and moved over to be with the people they were serving.”, Ray continued.

Ray and the rest of Eastside Community will remember Dottie as a good friend and dedicated community member.