Mayor Excited by Jeopardy Mentions

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Recently Zanesville and notable Zanesville historical resident Zane Grey have both been mentioned on the popular quiz show Jeopardy. 

Zanesville was noted for its connection to Ohio University and Zane Grey was noted for his novel Riders of the Purple Sage. Mayor Don Mason couldn’t believe it when he saw it. 

“It was really a surprise. My wife and I were watching Jeopardy and when the category had to do with the Mid American Conference and the question was something about, ‘this school is located in Athens with a branch in Zanesville’ and I all of a sudden perked up. Now of course we know the answer to be Ohio University… also two weeks ago there was another question and answer about Riders of the Purple Sage and of course the answer was ‘who is Zane Grey?’”, the mayor explained.

Mason is always thrilled by the connection to Athens that Zanesville shares. He also felt that the tribute to Zane Grey was fitting and kept his memory alive. 

“What’s really nice is sometimes older people remember some of the movies from the 30s and 40s. A lot of his books became movies. Part of that has been lost on the younger population. I’m always happy to go over to Muddy Mizers, and they have a tribute to Zane Grey, who did a lot of writing. Many people believe that Zane Grey really helped spark part of the imagination of Ernest Hemingway.”, Mason continued to say.

All this goes to show that you never know when our small town might get its fifteen minutes of fame. 

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