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If you are in need of summer employment now is the time to start looking.

Many companies around the area are already searching for seasonal employees and Ohio Means Jobs supervisor Julie Metzger says their organization can help you find a position.

“If you have any questions about how to fill out the application, if you’re wanting interviewing tips, things like that because most of your applications are going to be done online and if that’s new to you, you may have some questions. Give our office a call because we would be glad to help you through that application process as well as the interviewing piece,” said Metzger.

Metzger says there is a wide variety of temporary positions available, including some that can benefit job seekers in their future careers.

“The summer employment they a lot of times look for the high school kids to try and build their skill set. So that is always a good population to apply for these positions, so that you can get some experience under your belt that you can use to build your resume,” said Metzger.

If you would like to know which local companies are hiring this summer contact Ohio Means Jobs at 740-454-6211.

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