Drug Den Demolished

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-A long time den for drug dealers located at 725 Bates Street was demolished this morning. 

The Zanesville residence has been linked to drug deals, shootings and other crimes for years. County prosecutor Ron Welch says that the house will take its history of violence with it. 

“This house has been a problem for Muskingum County and in particular the Zanesville Police Department and the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force for a number of years. There have been drugs sold out of here, there have been shootings that have happened here, most recently a neighbor was hit by bullets that were sprayed out of this property. It puts children at risk, it puts everybody in our community at risk. Drug dealers are coming from Columbus and setting up shop here, using this residence as a means to distribute poison to the men and women and children of our community.”, Welch told reporters at the scene of the demolition.

The forfeiture and demolition of the house was a concerted effort between the prosecutor’s office, police department and drug task force. The culmination of the efforts was a huge victory for the city and county according to Welch. 

“This has been a long, long process. If you’re talking about going through hoops, you’re talking about us being able to finally be able to attach particular crimes over a period of time to this particular property, then going through the process of getting the particular individual that was operating this house, this drug house, charged and then coming to terms with them about what was going to happen as far as his charges went.”, Welch continued.

Welch hopes that the demolition sends a strong message to other area drug dealers about the consequences of infesting local communities.