Crystal Springs Welcomes A New Season

Local News

HOPEWELL, Ohio-The onset of spring means a new season for area golf courses. 

Crystal Springs Golf Club in Hopewell offers a full 18 hole course. Manager Jocele Kennedy says they have ever expanding hours. 

“We’re open year around, but hourly, right now we’re open nine until sunset. So right now it’s about 6:20, 6:30 pm. When Daylight Savings Time changes and days get warmer a little bit longer we’ll open eight o’clock then we’ll eventually back it down to 6:30.”, Kennedy told reporters.

Golfers have already turned out in droves to play the course. Many consider golf to be a perfect mix of outdoor relaxation and exercise.

 “I’m extremely excited for it, cause we had a bit too much snow.”, joked Kennedy.

Kennedy is excited to begin the season and restart her friendships amongst the course’s regular golfers.