Aaron Buchholz is ArtCOZ Artist of the Month

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-Aaron Buchholz has been named the art Colony of Zanesville’s artist of the month for March of 2021. 

Buchholz is an experienced glassblower from St. Louisville. He works in making decorative objects, vases, bowls and paperweights among other such pieces. 

“I think I’ve done some figures that I’m proud of. They were difficult and took a long time. The things I’ve done have kind of evolved, as time has gone on. Certain things I like more than others, it’s sort of like going through a Picasso blue period then you go onto the next period sort of thing. As time goes on things just get better and better,” Buchholz said of his works.

Buchholz is looking to constantly evolve as an artist. He says the challenge of his work is what keeps him interested in the craft. 

“I think the material itself is kind of the drive because you’re kind of going up against the physics of the material. If you don’t do it right the glass will let you know by either cracking or not working out. So, you know there’s always things that don’t work and I think that’s why it’s fun. It’s not automatic, just cause I try to make something doesn’t mean it’s gonna go well,” Buchholz told WHIZ.

You can view Buchholz work on his Facebook page or his website blownglass7791.com.