Road Repairs Underway

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Crews are out in Zanesville repairing roadways damaged by the harsh winter weather.

This week the street department has been going ward-by-ward in the city repairing numerous potholes.

“We’ve always been taking care of snow and ice removal, but with the snow and ice you have that freeze/thaw effect, which creates the pot holes, so right now we have around one to two crews out most of the time filling in the pot holes,” said Don Mason, Zanesville mayor.

The city is also looking ahead toward road paving projects. Mayor Mason said they hope to have $2 million dollars in asphalt for paving projects over the next year-and-a-half.

“It’s frankly based on, literally on, the state of the street. I want people to know that we appreciate the input through city council, we appreciate the input directly but we actually take a look at the street and determine basically at what point and time the streets lived its life and needs to be replaced,” said Mason.

Mason said when they look at which roads need paving they also consider where infrastructure improvements need to be made so that they can complete the projects simultaneously.

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