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CHANDLERSVILLE – Cornelius Harris has had fishing in his blood ever since he was a young boy. He hails from Zanesville and opening up a fishing supply store had been his brainchild for several years before opening in March of 2020.

“I grew up fishing in the area. I went from fishing in the area or taking people out and the idea of taking people out and the idea of the guide service has really been set in my mind for a good fifteen years or so to bring that all to reality is a good feeling,” Harris said.

The location in Chandlersville is ideal ro Harris.

“I’m tickled to have a business here. I’ve grown up here. These are grounds that I frequented here with the AEP recreation ground just minutes away from where the store is located here in Chandlersville. To be able to enable others that may be down here on their first visit to the Wilds or, say, the AEP recreation grounds (and) providing service such as the FloTube guided service, yeah, it’s a good feeling,” Harris said.

Harris shared how the name Guru Outfitters came to be.

“Years ago, I started out posting pictures on a bass blog and when I posted I made a point to say, you know, I’m catching these on the AEP recreation grounds. So, the guy actually started up my own page on his blog and every time he would address me I was the AEP guru so when it came time to start up the business, I’m kind of thinking what could we name this? What could we name this?” Harris said.

He talked about all you can find at his store.

“We have, as you can see, a wide variety of tackle to provide for all of your fishing needs on your next trip down here – snacks, drinks, you know, the basics, but the biggest things we have to offer is good fishing conversations, knowledge on the grounds up here at the AEP recreation grounds an on the Jesse Owens State Park and wildlife area,” Harris said.

Guru Outfitters was closed for the winter months but customers were nothing but warm towards the store when it opened its first year.

“We’ve got a lot of people who are just thankful for a tackle store in the area with the wide selection of goods. So, the reaction and the support from the local fishing community has just been great,” Harris said.

Guru Outfitters will re-open on Friday.

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