Eastside is conducting its virtual Chair-ity auction

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The auction is one of Eastside’s biggest fundraisers. ECM is excited for the event and explains how to place your bid online.

“We just want to re-assure you that when you get on there, all of your information is going to be kept safe and you won’t be charged unless you’re the winning bidder but its going to ask you to create an account. You can access all of this through Eastside’s website. You can see pictures of all of the entries that we have. We also have a list available if people would prefer to do it that way. They can download that on our website or I can e-mail that directly to them but we are very excited. We’re hoping to reach our goal. We want to beat last year which was $30,000 so we still need your support and there’s lot of wonderful things for you to bid on,” ECM Executive Director Jamie Trout said.

Participants also have the chance to vote for their favorite chair online.

“Don’t forget to go on and vote on your favorite chair. We are having a people’s choice contest so once you click on the item that you like, it’s going to give you the chance to vote for your people’s choice for the 2021 online charity auction,” Trout said.

The people’s choice winner will receive a $50 Olive Garden gift card and publicity from ECM on its 2022 Chair-ity auction advertisement. The auction lasts until Friday at 5:00 PM.