Chamber of Commerce is offering wage and benefit survey

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ZANESVILLE – Zanesville – Muskingum Chamber of Commerce members have already received an e-mail with a link to the survey. Filling out the survey will work to the company’s advantage.

“The advantage is if you are looking to hire or promote within, you can see what the competitive wages are and what the benefits are for those positions,” Chamber President Dana Matz said.

The survey is also designed to help new emerging companies in Muskingum County.

“This is critical information, again, to help our local businesses, but, also, for businesses that are looking to move and start businesses in Muskingum County; we can share this data with them so they can, as they are doing their performer for the cost of operations to moving to Muskingum County; they can see wages, they can see the benefits, and they can make sure that this fits their plans,” Matz said.

Businesses have until March 3rd to complete the survey.