Batteries Unlimited Looks Backwards and Forwards

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-If you’re on the search for unlimited power then Batteries Unlimited on Linden Avenue could be the place for you. 

The brick and mortar store has been open for 35 years. In that time they have seen the complete modernization of batteries of all kinds. 

“They’re all invented or at least composed in a certain way for a certain function. Different chemistries have different advantages over others due to temperature, drain, storage, a whole lot of variables,” owner Kent Curry said.

The normalization of electric cars has seen a gradual increase both domestically and internationally. Batteries Unlimited expects that to be the new lynchpin of the business. 

“In 2020 electric cars were two percent of all cars sold in the U.S. and most of those are long ways away from ever needing new batteries. When the time comes they do we’ll be involved in that. They’ll involve prices that we had hardly dreamed of. A car battery is around a hundred bucks these days and for electric cars they’re gonna be many many thousands of dollars,” Curry continued.

Batteries Unlimited carries power sources for cars, cell phones, flashlights and other household appliances. 

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