Scout Troop Makes Sub-Zero Camping Trip

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Boy Scout troop 128 of Muskingum County to McGraw Edison park for a weekend camping trip.

The boys were accompanied by two scout leaders. Scoutmaster Troy Blackford says it’s important to get the boys away from the video games.

“These boys, a lot of them don’t have the ability to get out and enjoy being outdoors. It’s just getting them out and getting them away from, like I said, the video games. Get them out to where they can learn about nature, see animals, see wildlife, get them to be a boy the way they’re grown to be. Get to be outside and break some sticks and cut some logs and have some fires and learn a bunch of different life skills.” , Blackford said from the site.

The scout troop takes a camping trip almost every month. On the trip the scouts learn important survival and life lessons.

“We try to plan activities to get the boys out and about. We’re probably going to work on tracking some animals, they’re working on some lashing right now, so we just try to get them out to enjoy the outdoors… actually if you’re prepared and dressed properly with multiple layers you can pretty much handle anything.”, Blackford said of the cold.

If you’re interested in joining the scouts program contact the Muskingum Valley Council. 

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