ODOT Warning of Accidents Involving Plow Trucks

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ZANESVILLE, OH – So far this winter 24 ODOT plow trucks have been hit across the state of Ohio. This is already three times the number of accidents compared to last winter.

9 accidents involving plow trucks have occurred this past week alone. Fortunately, most of these accidents have been injury free. However, the impact of these accidents is still an inconvenience.

“Even if there are minor injuries, it still takes that plow off their route for the time that it takes to investigate that incident. So that means either another plow has to come cover their route and then those routes get longer and snow accumulates on the road. So really it just takes a plow out of commission regardless of if there’s injuries or not… Fortunately it hasn’t taken many trucks out of commission completely, but it does take those trucks off the road in the height of a storm. Which really does impact our winter operations at a time when drivers really need us out there the most,” ODOT Spokesperson Breanna Badanes explained.

Most accidents occur as one of two types of accidents. Either as a sideswipe because drivers underestimate the width of the plow blades, or as a rear end because drivers were following too closely and were unable to slow down.

“Whenever you have to be on the road while it’s still snowing or right after a snow storm, you see our crews out there, please give them plenty of space. The plow is a lot wider than many drivers realize, could be wider than the lane width. So you’ll want to give them that extra space if you need to pass them. But really just take it slow and give them room to work so that you can both get to your destination safely.”

ODOT reminds motorists ‘Don’t Crowd the Plow’. If you want to pass a plow pass on the right, and if you can’t see a plow trucks mirrors then they can’t see you.

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