City will be working with firm to audit street light costs

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ZANESVILLE – The city has reached out to AEP several times to discover how many light poles it is paying a flat monthly fee for. Mayor Mason has never received a response so they hired Tanko Lighting to not only count the lights but also the type of lights to see if the city is paying the proper monthly fee for all of the street lights in Zanesville.

“There should be one car, perhaps two, but, they’re going to see Tanko lighting, just T-A-N-K-O; Tanko lighting, and they should see individuals with vests on that are just orange work vests and, again, on the vest it will say Tanko and I just want people to know these are auditors trying to save taxpayer’s dollars by actually trying to get an accurate number in terms of how many street lights there are in Zanesville,” Mayor Don Mason said.

Mason does not want residents to be confused. Tanko, under no circumstances, will need access into homes or businesses to do this.

“I want to make sure somebody didn’t try to knock off or doing their own scam by what they’re legitimately doing by trying to act like they’re part of the energy audit. So, just so you know, these people will be working outside, they’ll be looking at lights, they won’t be entering property, they won’t need to go inside premises for sure,” Mason said.

The project will begin this coming Monday and Mason says it will last several weeks.