ECM is on the edge of its seat for its “chair”-ity auction

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ZANESVILLE – The annual auction is one of Eastside’s largest fundraisers. The organization receives different chairs from donors with added incentives to be bid on. The program will be done entirely virtually.

“This year we’re taking everything online. We are so excited. We have reached over 100 entries this year so we’re just really thankful for everyone who has stepped up and supported us. We have received so many wonderful entries. We have something for everyone – kids, adults; beach, camping. We have chairs that have packages in them for overnight stays in cabins so we just really have a variety of entries,” ECM Executive Director Jamie Trout said.

The auction will start on February 22nd at 8:00 AM and last until the 26th at 5:00 PM. Trout expects strong support from the community which makes her very appreciative.

“We are asking the community to step up and support us. This is our biggest fundraiser for Eastside. We do run mostly on donations and fundraisers. We don’t get any kind of government funding so this is really important to the programs we have here at Eastside so we appreciate everyone’s support,” Trout said.

The chairs and accessories can be reviewed on Eastside’s website.