Community can lend a hand for good cause and win amazing piece of jewelry

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ZANESVILLE – Habitat for Humanity is partnering with Lepi and Associates as well as Pugh’s Jewelers for their own versions of the Stud-a-thon event.

“Pugh’s has been so gracious to donate two diamond stud earrings to have us raffle them off for $20 a piece. You can get three tickets for $50. The ticket studs will go to buy studs at Habitat,” Lepi and Associates’ Dennis and Amanda Hitchcock said.

In the near future, potential sponsors have the chance to have their brand put on wall studs for the next home being built by Habitat for Humanity.

“Habitat for Humanity is allowing sponsors to come and sponsor a stud. They’re going to decorate that stud with their business name, their logos, I mean, really however they want to do it. They can bedazzle it for all we care. We just want them to have a lot of fun with us. So, you sponsor a stud (and) you donate it back to Habitat for Humanity and we’re going to frame our next house with these studs. So, that will happen in April,” Habitat for Humanity’s Melissa Best said.

The winner of the stud diamond earrings will be drawn on March 1st. Information for purchasing tickets can be found on: