Port Authority Holds Monthly Meeting

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Muskingum County Port Authority met with local business leaders and the county Commissioners for their monthly meeting. 

Port Authority executive director Matt Abbott says that the meeting had a positive tone and feel to it. The groups discussed the businesses hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic beginning to see their bouncebacks. 

“Today we’re starting to see the pandemic and things coming to sort of a positive light. We’re starting to have businesses that are expanding, a lot of businesses that are hiring in our community, some of the restrictions have been lifted and we’re starting to see preliminary budget numbers for the state as far as assistance that will be available for small businesses moving forward.”, Abbott said after the meeting.

Abbott says that more relaxed safety measures will greatly benefit local restaurants that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. The meeting also dealt with how Muskingum County will attract larger corporate entities in the future. 

“The Amazons of the world, the Walmarts of the world, the Lowes, Home Depots, the Joann Fabrics, those type of companies that speed to market, two day delivery. These facilities need to be closer to their marketplace, and I think that Muskingum County and Zanesville, we’re within about 65% of the population of the United States, within a one day truck drive, which is ten hours, so we’re definitely in the mix.”, Abbott added.

Abbott is confident in the future of Muskingum County commerce. 

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