Dr. Butterfield Warns About Shoveling Dangers

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Wintertime brings obstacles to daily life such as shoveling driveways and sidewalks. 

One such danger is the extreme cold present during such activities. Dr. Jack Butterfield of the Muskingum Health Department says that cold can be combated by wearing layers of clothing and covering as much exposed skin as possible. 

“We have a lot of issues with cold, not only injury from things you don’t normally do but also cold injury in general. We have February as typically our coldest month and we had very cold temperatures last night; zero. With wind and wind chills you could have wind chills of twenty to thirty below with those kind of temperatures so it’s very important that people not only keep warm, with all the different measures for that.”, Butterfield told WHIZ.

Butterfield says that shoveling a driveway is a very abnormal exercise. It is very important to pace yourself to protect your back from injury. 

“Shoveling and falling, those would be the two primary ways someone would get hurt. Shoveling: you want to make sure that you are shoveling with a shovel that is not going to have so much weight on it that you can’t lift it, and secondly you want to use your legs not your back, bend over slightly push with your legs, and try to push the snow instead of shoveling it. Or brush the snow with a broom if that’s possible.”, Butterfield continued.

Using a salt treatment to cure driveway and sidewalk before shovelling will greatly cut down on your risk of falls. 

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