Library To Begin Streaming Podcast

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Muskingum County Library System is launching a brand new podcast hosted by Sarah Brinkman. 

Brinkman is an outreach assistant for the library and the podcast is her passion project. The podcast will begin streaming on Wednesday, February 17th. 

“It’s been a vision of mine for a while now. I was doing Facebook Lives during the start of the pandemic so this is kind of a  spiritual successor to that. I listen to a lot of podcasts so it seemed like kind of a natural fit… The podcast is called Reread, Rewrite, Recommend. It’s basically a little bit about libraries, we’re gonna have a guest on every episode.”, Brinkman said.

The podcasts can be streamed on any streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify. Brinkman is excited for the community at large to know more about the actual library staff and their responsibilities and literary interests. 

“It’s always good to let other people know what we’re doing and just really reach and connect in ways that we weren’t really connecting before… If you are interested tonight there is a trailer up, so you can go tonight and listen to the trailer in preparation for the first episode tomorrow.”, Brinkman continued.

The first episode’s guest will be Sean Fennell, the marketing director of the MCLS.

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