Online Auction to Be Held for Old Nicol’s Restaurant

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The old Nicol’s Restaurant and Ice Cream on Putnam Avenue in Zanesville has recently been sold. New owners will be operating a catering business out of the building.

They have partnered with Ed and Ben Schafer Auctioneers to auction off dining room décor and restaurant equipment. The auction began online on February 8th and will run through Wednesday February 17th.

“They do not need all of the equipment and everything and they have other plans, so we’re going to sell all the items in here. There’s a lot of nostalgic items etc. What’ll happen is it’s online now at You can go there to register to bid. The auction will begin to end Wednesday night at 8pm. And what I mean by that is the first item will end at 8 o’clock and then 12 seconds later the next item will end. And if someone would happen to bid within that last minute it will extend the time 2 more minutes simulating a live auction giving everybody a chance to bid,” Auctioneer Agent Lance Miller said.

Everything inside of the restaurant will be up for grabs. From signs on the wall, to the retro bar stools, to the iconic neon sign. Miller encourages locals with fond memories to get in on the bidding.

“This is an iconic place. I mean the memories, it’s been here since 1947. People have numerous memories from these walls and this is the chance to get some of those memories, bring them home, because if not they will be gone for a long time. Especially that sign. We’ve had interest all over the country. We’ve had actually a gentleman from the UK contact us. So there’s a lot of interest and as much as we want to see it stay here in Zanesville there’s a lot of outside interest. So I ask that anyone local please get a plan, get your money together and make it happen.”

If you are interested in bidding on any items you can visit the Ed and Ben Schafer Auctioneers website ( Winners will be scheduled to pick up small items on Thursday or large items on Friday next week.

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