Birthday Celebration Held For Missing Man

Local News

DUNCAN FALLS, Ohio-Travis Robbins was last heard from on December 11th and has not been seen since December 12th. 

The Trinway resident and Philo graduate is a father and family man deeply missed by those who love him. His family and friends gathered today to hold a birthday celebration and balloon launch for him. 

“He really loved the lord, and I would tape scriptures up around my house, and he would go and read them and we would talk about them. That’s the biggest thing that I remember about him. And if I took some down or I moved them he’d be like, ‘where are they? I wanna read that one. I wanna see that one’. “, Travis’s aunt Maureen Welch told WHIZ.

His family holds out hope that he will return safely. They are offering a substantial reward for information that will lead to his safe return. 

“Somebody knows something. If they would just come forward and help us out, I mean, he could be in a hospital and not even know who he is. I don’t even have the words to describe the happiness that I would feel seeing him walk through that door right now.”, Welch continued.

Any information should be forwarded to the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Department. 

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